10 Must-Follow Facebook Trends to Increase Brand Awareness

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In this digital era, if you ask someone, “Where should I start my business?” The most common answer you're likely to receive is online. However, with vast options available in the online realm, making a decision can be confusing.

With Facebook hitting a new milestone of 2 billion daily users, it has already claimed its spot as one of the best platforms for building brand awareness, establishing trust, and targeting the desired audience. However, it's essential to know that Facebook operates on a specific algorithm, and there are certain Facebook Trends that have received wide acceptance upon witnessing love poured in from the audience.

If you wish for your brand to receive the same level of acceptance and love from Facebook users, here are 10 must-follow Facebook Trends that would encourage them to add your brand to their favorites. Join us as we delve into BOTLIE’s in-depth research guide to navigate these trends effectively!

The 10 Facebook Trends to Increase Brand Awareness

  1. Trend 1: Make Reels to Reach More Users

Reels took off instantly on Instagram, and there needed to be more certainty about whether that success would carry over when they were introduced on Facebook. The final verdict has come in, and, surprisingly, it's on the same growth level as Instagram. 

Reels are gaining popularity due to their snackable nature, leading Facebook to designate them as the major focus of the platform, even though they're currently losing money on short-form videos. Thus, here are a few tips to explore while experimenting with this Facebook Trend:

  • Consider creating compelling videos in a storytelling format that has a higher chance of making it to the list of Trending Videos

  • Another effective method to make your product, service, or brand message go viral is to collaborate with creators. Check the percentage of their Viral Video, and ensure they have a blue check badge to be sure of their authenticity.

  1.  Trend 2: Facebook Live Streaming to Bond Immediately

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With online platform brands usually doubting a channel’s interaction capabilities, you might be surprised to learn that by 2018, live videos on Facebook had racked up over 2 billion views collectively, which increased by 50% in 2020. Thus, Facebook Live is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience in real-time. 

  • Host Q&A sessions and try to focus on a topic that would encourage viewer participation. The more engagement, the better the chances of it becoming one of your Viral Video and breaking the record of previous Trending Videos.

  1. Trend 3: Polls, Surveys to Know Audience’s Preference 

Engage your audience with interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and surveys. 

  • Use call-to-action buttons in your posts, and Viral Video to encourage users to explore more of the brand.

  1. Trend 4: Share Stories with AI Power To Make Your Content More Discover

Facebook Stories have become a staple to engage with the audience in a more casual and temporary format. Use Stories to share timely updates, promotions, or exclusive content.

  • AI is trending today; creating content with an AI touch boosts the chances of making your videos trending videos or your posts going viral.

  1. Trend 5: User-Generated Content Becomes Your Online Testimonials

User-generated content acts as a social word of mouth and encourages more customers to join your brand.

  • BOTLIE, one of the top social media experts, suggests creating hashtags for your products. Encourage customers to use these hashtags when posting content and also when sharing user-generated content (UGC), remember to include product links in photos.

  1. Trend 6: Messenger Marketing for Personalized Communication

Messenger marketing allows for instant communication with your audience. However, according to a survey, only 26% of organizations have utilized chatbots to solve customer queries till now. Chatbots can be programmed to answer common queries, guide users through the sales funnel, or even facilitate transactions.

  1. Trend 7: Augmented Reality for Shopping Experience

Unfortunately, Facebook had to shut down live shopping. However, with Facebook's AR features, users can still get a live experience of your products. From virtual try-ons to branded filters, AR enhances user engagement in a more fun and memorable way.

  • BOTLIE, the leading Digital Marketing agency, has always observed that something users enjoy is surely going to be tomorrow’s trend.

  1. Trend 8: Facebook Group to Build a Loyal Community

Facebook algorithm apart from suggesting content is now recommending Groups to join as well. For brands, this means an opportunity to build a community of loyal audience. 

  • Remember that groups are not a place to focus on sales. Instead, they are an important vehicle for building community by providing helpful resources.

  1. Trend 9: Brand Awareness Highly Targeted with Facebook

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AI is now the foundation of Facebook’s advertisements. With Advantage+ shopping campaigns and Advantage+ catalog ads, Facebook allows brands to target high-volume customers.

  1. Trend 10: Make Your Brand by Aligning with a Social Cause

Consumers value brands that align with social and environmental causes. Showcase your brand's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through your Facebook content.

Ready To Make Every Facebook Users Your Brand Follower?

Facebook's got this fantastic space for you to connect with 2 billion users. And guess what? These 10 awesome Facebook Trends make your work way easier. But, hey, Facebook's like a wild garden – algorithms might shift at any moment. So, in this ever-changing social world, you wanna stick with the right guide, right?

Well, guess what? If you're on the lookout for a buddy who knows Facebook like the back of their hand, “BOTLIE” has got your back! Sure, Facebook’s algorithm might play hide and seek, but with our extensive experience dancing around diverse social media platforms, we can practically predict its next move. Your dream of turning Trending Videos into Viral Video or diving into the wonders of AI? We've got the magic touch for that!


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